Saturday, 10 March 2012

Same-sex 'marriage' - 'open letter' to David Cameron.

The following open letter appeared in the Daily Telegraph of Thursday, 8th March, in the form of a quarter page advertisement:-

                                      OPEN LETTER 
                      TO DAVID CAMERON

Dear David,

         Regardless of your personal views about homosexual marriage,I think you will agree that it is an extraordinarily controversial issue.You have infuriated both the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches,and split the Anglican Church.  You have contradicted the Bible,  which states in at least 10 places that homosexuality is "a major sin." and you have rubbished thousands of years of human experience, during which marriage could only be between a man and a woman.

         Yet, we are living in an era when the world seems to be falling on our shoulders.  We are now in the fourth year of the most severe economic contraction in 80 years;  the financial world has become a house of cards which can collapse at any time;  the Eurozone is unravelling;  we are the most highly indebted country in the world per capita;  Scotland wants to secede;  immigration is in a mess;  we are fighting wars abroad, and terrorists within our own country, and Iran is threatening nuclear war.  Yet, instead of trying to deal with any of these problems, you are focusing on trying to impose on the country the most controversial law of the last 100 years. Is that sensible?  Is that Conservative?  Do you not have anything better to do?

                       Yours ever,
48 Wilton Crescent
London SW1X 8RX   

Thank you Demetri,  for your honourable and forthright letter spelling out the thoughts of millions of normal, caring, and hard-working UK citizens, of whom the vast majority are appalled by the idea of  same-sex marriage. Before the Reformation, England was known as the 'Dowry of Mary', with it's people respecting and honouring the laws of God, and having a special devotion to Mary, the most pure and sinless mother of Jesus Christ, God made man. We pray today to Our Lady, for her intercession that good will prevail in this time of evil moral aggression. Let us also pray to St George, St David, and St Andrew, our patron saints, for faith, courage, and perseverance, to fight the good fight in the battle against the forces of darkness.

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