Thursday, 9 September 2021

'The Summer of 2021, in Stronsay, Orkney'.

The Summer of 2021, in Stronsay, Orkney.

This year, the summer months in Stronsay, from late June until now, have been very pleasant. We have enjoyed periods of warm, dry, sunny weather, unlike past rather cool and wet summers, and thanks to my wife's hard work, the garden has been a real picture.                         

    Alstroemerias have been the stars of the show, backed up by lilies, agapanthus, poppies,  red-hot pokers, geraniums, a few roses- always difficult to grow here, except for the scented Rugosa hedging variety which flourish, particularly the strongly-scented double hybrids , all of which produce large colourful hips, particularly enjoyed by the blackbirds!  We have an assortment of other colourful flowers and one or two shrubs, mostly grown from seed by my wife over the years, spread loosely and effectively around the garden, and in containers,

 This striking and unusual giant yellow-flowered cornflower, see photo below, looks like a sunflower with slightly smaller flowers, and is about 8'0 feet tall,  with many spurs off each stem, all flowering individually. This is a one-off, also grown from seed by my wife.

We have a large area of grass encircling the house, and we use a battery-driven mower to keep this under control. My wife and I are no spring chickens, and my primary garden job is to keep the grass cut. For many years I used a petrol driven lawn mower, which was manageable and effective, but I have not used this for about three years due to a hip problem. Considering the area of grass, the battery mower does an excellent job, although the battery only lasts for about 40 minutes on each charge, and then has to be re-charged. It is surprising how much grass can be cut in that relatively short time, and I have bought a second battery which when charged-up, can be inter-changed, enabling a large part of the grass to be cut in one session. Whilst I think the batteries are exorbitantly expensive, our latest one cost  about £170.00, they seem to have a long life - third summer and still working well, and I do find the battery mower much safer and simpler to use than either petrol or electric cable mower. It is quite hard work to push, partly due to the uneven surface of the 'lawn', and the flagging energy of the 'driver', but overall I am pleased with it, with the intermittent short life of the battery allowing me to have a break, if I need one, every hour or so.                                                                                                  

We also have a medium-size pond in which we keep a few goldfish. We have had these for some years, and they have grown from 3” tiddlers, purchased from Glue's Garden Centre in Kirkwall, to chunky 'golden' specimens about 8” long. We also have a black 'goldfish', if that makes sense, about 6” long, and there may be others, but it is almost impossible to see them  in the water, due to their colour. What always surprises me, is that every year until about July, the fish decline the food I offer them, then  they start taking it until October/November, when the hibernation period starts again, lasting until  mid-summer the following year. A long sleep in my book, but I am not a fish, and they seem well, so I don't worry.

       We  own  an Old English Sheepdog, named Dartmoor, gifted to us 6 years ago as a puppy.  Some might remember this breed from an episode in 'Yes (Prime?) Minister', in which the dog in question became nationally famous for wandering into a radio-active nuclear base, from which he had to be rescued by the military, thanks to the initiative and 'kindness' of the Prime Minister. All done to boost the popularity of the Minister, rather than out of love for the dog! Sounds sort of familiar! Anyway, our dog developed a nasty form of pneumonia during the summer. We do not know the cause, but it necessitated  three visits to the vet in Kirkwall, a two hour trip on the ferry each way each trip, two X rays and scans, and a four week course of anti-biotics. He is very much better now, for which I thank Almighty God, for we are rather fond of Dartmoor. He weighs in at about 37 kg, has one brown eye and one blue eye, a very loud bark, a frequently imperious manner, an impressive 'leonine' ruff, and a fine bushy tale. In case you are wondering, Dartmoor is insured with 'Pet Plan', otherwise we could possibly now be living on the streets!

We are living in the age of the covid 19 pandemic, sometimes known as the 'Great Delusion'. We have been relatively fortunate on Stronsay, with to my knowledge, less than ten people infected, with perhaps two or three hospitalised, and thankfully no deaths. I do not question the existence of this virulent and horrible virus, but I do question the cause, what the virus actually is, the trustworthiness of the individuals and organisations orchestrating the tracking, identification, and containment of the virus, and the integrity and agenda of the 'experts' advising lock-downs, masking, people spacing, and particularly the planned vaccination of the peoples of  the entire world. In a nutshell, I do not believe the official line on this pandemic, and I do not trust those 'world experts' in charge and directing affairs.  There have been  countless discrepancies in the officially reported effects of the  vaccine; there is a clear failure in the efficacy of the vaccines, they do not do what we have been told they would  do, or what they were  supposed to do; the unbelievable number of deaths and seriously injured patients of all ages worldwide, confirms the real dangers in this vaccine, made worse by the blind culpability of certain doctors, scientists, politicians, and vaccine producers, to continue to force this dangerous vaccine on everybody, even children; the identity of those 'experts' behind the scenes, include Bill Gates, Dr Faucci, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the Rothchild and Rockefeller dynasties, the multi billionaire media tycoons, the People's Republic of China, and others, all working actively towards the destruction of society as we know it, and the setting up of the 'Great Reset'.

                                          Head Gardener at work!

The virus exploded onto the world in late 2019 early 2020, allegedly emanating from a laboratory in China, and immediately whole nations were simultaneously affected, with thousands dying and tens of thousands struck down with severe sickness. The international theatre of world 'leaders' then took the floor, in strangely synchronized precision, almost as though the whole event had been rehearsed.   Prime Ministers and Leaders of Nations  addressed their citizens, the hymns identical almost word for word, and clearly  from the same Marxist, 'New World Government', hymn book. Regulations were imposed mandating the wearing of face masks; people contact and distancing; population lock-downs for sometimes months at a time; schools and business closures; and the world-wide use of untried and untested vaccines, ostensibly to protect people from the virus and to ensure that hospitals were not overwhelmed with sick and dying patients. Today we have an increasingly illogical, unscientific, and life-threatening programme of vaccinating, re-vaccinating, and booster vaccinations, using a vaccine which we now know does not prevent infection and does not stop the virus being passed on, and which in less than 2 years has caused tens of thousands of deaths world-wide, and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries (see ' Defender' - Children's Defence League):-  

link -     COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Jump by 27,000 in One Week, FDA Pulls ‘Bait and Switch’ With Pfizer Vaccine Approval • Children's Health Defense ( 

 -  and this without even considering  the  possible unknown, long-term effects. To make matters worse, the 'Main-Stream Media' – active participants and supporters  of the 'Great Reset' , has assumed  control of most news and social media outlets,  ensuring  that any and all criticism concerning the vaccine  and related political and social matters,  including proven medical and scientific facts, is banned from publication, and thus hidden from public view.

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Astra Zeneca, are now household names, recognised as  major pharmaceutical companies producing  covid 19 vaccines. A common denominator for  these companies, is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a major funder, which understandably has a vested interest in the commercial success of the vaccine programme. It is timely to remind ourselves that there are proven effective, commonly available, and cheap, medical treatments for the covid 19 virus, such as the use of Ivervectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other medicines. which for many decades, have been successfully and safely used world-wide in the treatment of various diseases. Since the arrival of covid 19, the WHO has inexplicably refused to authorise these tried and tested medications - on the  basis that they were not fully tested -  what hypocrisy,  making them virtually unobtainable except on doctor's prescription, with many doctors  under severe professional  pressure not to proscribe. 

The Gates Foundation funds the World Economic Forum (WEF) which in the person of its founder, Klaus Schwab, is primarily responsible for promoting the 'New World Agenda', through  the 'Great Reset' programme. 

You may find this short biography of Klaus Schwab, (link immediately below) both interesting and informative, I certainly did. NB. For some reason, the link originally shown on this post for this article,  did not function, and I had to remove it. However, a separate link on Joseph Farrell's 'Shift Frequency' site acknowledged the following :-   ERNST STAVRO BLOHFELD...ER... KLAUS SCHWAB: A FAMILY HISTORY (     --   and this seems to work. (thank you Joseph Farrell, 'Shift Frequency')

Tied in with the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the World Health Organisation (WHO), under the leadership of Dr Faucci,  who has a personal financial interest in Moderna, and is also close to Gates.  Add to these the World Bank, which operates with and alongside them, and which is surely influenced by  billionaire capitalists such as  Gates, who has a vested interest in many world-wide undertakings, such as  pharmaceuticals, GM farming, IT technology, and others, with the financial  capability to exert  influence on both government and international policies and regulations. Thus the 'Big Reset' rolls on, with Communist  China appearing to pull the political strings of the 'puppet' Biden government in the USA, weakening its already battered moral, military, and political image.  Worldwide, the proposed enforcement of vaccination for workers in a wide range of State and private occupations,  officially registered by vaccination ID cards, suggests that so far, the 'Big Reset' is on track with its diabolical agenda.  However, the good news is that private and public opposition is mounting; there is a saying that 'the truth will out', and more and more highly respected doctors, scientists, and academicians, are speaking out through politically  independent media sites, and writing in independent professional reviews, about the reality of current affairs, and the misinformation, lies, and unspoken agenda behind the 'Great Reset'. These valid and truthful criticisms are not reported by the main-line press and media, which is literally indebted to, and  controlled by the powerful and corrupt Pharmaceutical industry, effectively dominated by Bill Gates. This grotesquely wealthy, ambitious, and judging by his words and actions, power-obsessed man, must seemingly despise humanity, for his agenda includes deadly  scientific and medical experimentation on mankind (vaccines), and God's natural world (genetically modified crops and food), driven by  a self-proclaimed obsession  to vaccinate every person in the whole world, for their own good of course?  Is there perhaps an ulterior motive, an  unthinkably sinister one, involving the use of  technology and designer vaccine  to gain control over the minds and actions of men?  Sounds unreal, but such a scenario, once the plot in imaginative science fiction  and cinema, is now perhaps considered  achievable by the powerful, super rich, and ambitious, of the world. To make oneself like unto God, is of course, a deluded impossibility, but in today's world, where 'Satan prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour', the world has largely abandoned God and His Laws, and evil is seen as good, and good evil. For the sake of all mankind, which  includes promoters and supporters of the  'New World' agenda, we must work and pray for the world's return  to God and His Laws, perhaps a reminder  of Jesus'  parable of the 'prodigal son'. We must also  work and pray for the  demise of the 'Great Reset' plan, designed by the self-appointed elite, to enable on-going control over every human life.  Such evil, trying to usurp the Dominion of God,  driven by pride, mimics on a human scale, the sin of Lucifer, the fallen angel, banished by God for all eternity.  The wages of  sin is death, not just the natural death that we must all suffer, but the supernatural death of the soul, the indescribable and  unimaginable pain and suffering, and the loss of God our loving Creator, for all eternity.

The Catholic Faith, into which I was born and baptised, and in which I pray to die, is primarily concerned with man's spiritual destiny, rather than material success. Nevertheless, the world is God's creation, and is where we serve our spiritual apprenticeship, and the Church is our guide. The morality of the covid vaccines has been questioned regarding the use of cell lines from aborted foetuses, in their testing and manufacture. Some Bishops have stated that it is lawful for Catholics to receive these 'tainted' vaccines, and other Bishops have disagreed. As I understand it, the former base their argument on 1) the 'remote evil' i.e. the time interval between the  actual abortion and the manufacture of the vaccine, and the remote connectivity between the two; 2) the severity and threat of the virus to the world, and the necessity to use the vaccine when there is no alternative; 3) retaining as a matter of principle, a moral objection to the use of 'tainted' vaccine, accepting it only as an absolute necessity with no alternative choice, and to make known to others these views, including the pharmaceutical company involved. It is worth noting with regard to (2) above, that the Bishops apparently were led to believe, or were of the opinion, that there was no alternative, but in fact the medical remedies such as Ivernectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other medications, are alternatives, providing they are available and can be obtained. The WHO have their own  ideas, effectively banning their sale as the virus spread, using  the spurious excuse that they were not fully tested, and therefore could not be approved! Some Catholic Bishops, including Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Bishop Strickland, and many priests and lay-persons, do not agree with those in the hierarchy who support the use of the tainted vaccine, essentially on the grounds that the evil of abortion exists for ever, regardless of time scale and so-called remoteness.

Bishop Schneider has recently published a statement of great relevance to this question, in which he introduces the concept of a 'fetal industry', which he distinguishes from the 'abortion industry', with both equally evil and both condemned as such. Under the concept of 'fetal industry', the question of  'remote evil' in connection with  this vaccine does not apply, for the vaccine itself has been directly produced using the products and machinery embraced by the 'fetal industry'. (please see link immediately below for full explanation):-

(Interview with Bishop Schneider: COVID rules may be 'a kind of prefiguration' of the mark of the Beast - LifeSite (

I find in the above, a very powerful argument against any approval of existing and future vaccines in which fetal stem cells have been used. With an estimated 5.7 million members in England and Wales alone (Wikipedia for 2011), even if slightly less now, the Church could exert real pressure on certain social and public health policies in the UK, specifically to demand the replacement of the existing tainted vaccine with an untainted one. If a similar stance were taken by the Church in other countries, say the USA and in Europe, the combined commercial pressure to produce an acceptable vaccine, would be overwhelming. If nothing is said or done, why should the pharmaceutical companies discontinue manufacturing the tainted vaccines, for they will take the view that the Church is not really serious about this? The Church must be unequivocal, directing Catholics as a matter of conscience, not to accept the tainted vaccine. The manufacturers will feel the pinch where it hurts most, in a significant drop in sales and profits, and a similar drop in the value of company shares.

Short of a spiritual conversion, which we should certainly pray for, it is hard to see manufacturers and governments taking remedial action on this question, unless they are convinced of the benefits to themselves. Profitability is the top priority for manufacturers, and this would  drop dramatically if they lose  customers, which they  would in large numbers, if the existing vaccine was unequivocally condemned by the Church. When marketed, a new untainted vaccine, which possibly may  already be in the pipeline,  would quickly remedy this. 

  Politically, by demanding that manufacturers produce a clean, untainted vaccine, governments would  gain support from those of  the electorate for whom this  issue is of great moral importance, and this could be a very substantial number.  

The Church must act straight away, there must be no further delay. Now is the time to publicly condemn  the evil of  the 'fetal industry', and to raise people's awareness of its existence. The condemnation will be two-pronged, for in attacking the 'fetal industry' and the production of tainted vaccines, it will also be condemning abortion, the  driving force behind the 'fetal industry'. Finally it may succeed in breaking the curse of tainted vaccines, a curse which has survived for too long.

Please  pray for the Pope, Bishops and Priests of the Church 




                                        Our Lady of Perpetual Succour,  pray for us       

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