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Friday, 18 January 2008

Peace to men of good-will

I am sad and angry at the moral demise of our once honourable and Christian country, a demise which must be attributed to a complete lack of religious faith and ethical values on the part of so many of our politicians and their advisers, by many in medicine, the media, commerce, education and law. Greed, ambition, and self-interest reign supreme.The 'politically correct', 'liberal', and 'Godless' laws drawn up by faceless civil servants and politicians, have created an anarchic society in which immorality and evil flourish, and good is mocked. Is it any wonder that murder, violence, drugs, pornography, sodomy, and other evils flourish, to which influences - our young in particular, are so vulnerable. Only when God's Laws, based on the 'Ten Commandments' and the teaching of the Church founded by Christ, become the corner-stone of our thinking and our laws, will Society start getting right those things that really matter. ' Peace to men of good-will' is the message of Christmas. Until Society returns to God there will be no peace.

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