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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Render to God the things that are God's

As a zealous pro-lifer, I have been following the Presidential campaign in the USA with increasing concern, although it has to be said that as we live in Orkney my information comes mainly from the internet, and the rest from the Daily Telegraph. However it seems to me that the media, when reporting on events in the current Presidential campaign, rarely, if ever, mention the issue of abortion.
There seems to be a conspiracy of silence, all the more surprising considering that abortion represents one of today’s greatest, moral and physical threats to humanity (more than 48.5 million abortions recorded in the USA alone since 1973), and which issue, according to many Catholic commentators, may well determine the identity of the next President. Abortion is a political ‘hot potato’, and it would seem that the media prefer to ignore it, and somehow pretend that it doesn’t exist. In this context it is uncanny how world events seem to have played into the hands of the pro-abortionists. We have had a major fall in the value of the world’s Stock Markets, closure and nationalisation of Banks, international seizure of assets, increasing likelihood of a world recession, all of which have currently taken centre stage in world news and affairs. From reports on and in the media, it appears that economic and financial matters have become the ‘be and end all’ of political debate and action. In the Presidential contest, McCain is generally backed by the pro-life lobby, and Obama by the pro-abortion. On the abortion issue, with several million pro-life votes assured, McCain surely holds the aces, and the pre- election debates would seem to have been the right time to play these cards. Unbelievably, virtually nothing seems to have happened and the issue appears to have been effectively ignored. The world monetary crisis has resulted in major moral issues such as abortion, human cloning, etc. being put on the political and media back-burner. It seems that Mammon is more important than God, and more newsworthy. This situation must have suited Obama very well, for with his past pro-abortion record, he was surely on a hiding to nothing in any public debate on this issue, but it didn’t happen. Similarly in the UK, Gordon Brown rather like a phoenix arising from the ashes, has suddenly found himself the saviour of the UK banking and monetary system. The current financial crisis has played into his hands, from being in the 'chorus' a few weeks ago, he now finds himself a star celebrity on the world stage. As ex-Chancellor, money is what he knows about, and money is what makes the world go round. In our materialistic society, nominally Christian but effectively pagan, particularly in the current political arena, Christian morality is fighting for survival. Gordon Brown’s current political baby, the ‘Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill’, if finally approved by Parliament this coming week (October 22nd), will introduce legislation which is evil, unjust and totally atheistic. Official abortion figures in the UK are rising annually, with 193,700 recorded in 2006. This Bill goes further than existing legislation, totally rejecting traditional Christian belief and values, and replacing them with a poisoned chalice of death and destruction, blaspheming God and His creation, shaming and demeaning mankind, and leading souls to perdition.Gordon Brown and his supporters, whether misguided or not, are playing God. There is still time to stop, to reflect on the omnipotence of God and the frailty and limitations of man. Lucifer (the angel of light), in his pride and arrogance, challenged God, inevitably lost and was cast into Hell, together with his legions, for all eternity. All men and women of goodwill (God’s will) who oppose this Bill, will continue to fight the evil that it represents. We know from Christ’s resurrection, that finally and inevitably Good will triumph over Evil, life over death. In Christ’s own words, “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven …….” Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat.


Confiteor said...

Wonderful post, Umblepie. You are absolutely right: mammon rules. Mammon and fear.

Perfect love casteth out fear. We are lucky to have Pope Benedict XVI at the helm during times like these. We need a world leader whose heart beats in time with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Please see my latest post on the PPL Flagship, entitled: Catholic conscience and the American vote.

God bless,

umblepie said...

Thank you Confiteor. Agree absolutely with you about our Holy Father. Excellent post and video on your PPL Flagship website. Doesn't seem to have a 'comment' facility, so am commenting here. Best wishes & prayers.

Prima said...

Hello Umblepie,

We in the USA are getting ready for an Obama victory.

All I can say is that the Republican Party has really done very little to ensure the end of abortion on demand. Meanwhile, "liberal" Catholics in the US have found new ways to justify voting for "pro-choice" candidates. So the stage is set ....

I really wish we had a genuine multi-party system here. I'd love to be part of a "Catholic party."

All the best.