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Monday, 31 August 2009

'Tooth - Fairies' under threat ...............

I'm sure that we must all have a soft spot for the 'tooth-fairies', those magical creatures who visit sleeping children during the night, and replace the 'lost' tooth placed under the pillow, with a small compensatory gift, in my childhood days usually a 'sixpenny piece', in today's world probably a' fifty pence piece ' or £1 coin.

Imagine the shock when I saw the following advertisement in the most recent edition of the Orcadian.

Please note that three 'Toothbrushing Supervisors' are required, not just one, which surely represents a virtual declaration of war against the entire 'tooth - fairy' kingdom!

Reading the advertisement further, I notice that 'basic knowledge of the toothbrushing techniques would be an advantage'; also ' the post will involve organising and supervising children brushing their teeth as part of the NHS Orkney Childsmile Toothbrushing Programme'; and ' you will work on your own supervising children brushing their teeth, but you will have regular contact with the NHS Orkney Dental Health Worker.' Finally, ' while your role is not to brush children's teeth, you will be there to encourage the young children to brush their teeth well and develop this important lifetime habit'.

What is there to say?! Orkney is truly a wonderful place to live, unless you're a 'tooth-fairy'.

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