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Friday, 17 February 2012

Meme - three books for a new Kindle!

Regarding the recent meme from ' Mulier Fortis',  I have been asked by Ches at 'Sensible Bond' to add my threepennyworth!
The subject of the meme is to suggest three books for Mac's newly acquired Kindle, after which we are asked  to tag five other bloggers for them to do the same.
The books I would choose are:-

'The Desert Fathers' translated from the Latin by Helen Waddell - the original of these translations is the Latin of the 'Vitrae Patrum', a vast collection of the lives and sayings of the Desert Fathers, first printed in Antwerp in 1615. An  inspiring source of spirituality, applicable as much  today as in the early centuries of the Church.
Simple, straightforward, and easy to read, even during the ten-minute tea-break! 

'A Hundred Years of Catholic Emancipation (1829-1929)' by Denis Gwynn. This is an account of the remarkable growth of the Catholic Church in England since the Catholic Emancipation Act. Includes a synopsis of the lives and personalities of such great Catholic prelates as Cardinals Wiseman, Newman, Manning, and others. Essential reading to understand and appreciate the courage, wisdom, and faith of our 19th and early 20th century Catholic leaders and forbears, to whom we owe so much.

'Martyrs to the Catholic Faith in England (1577-1684)' by Bishop Challoner.  Described as 'Memoirs of Missionary Priests and other Catholics of both sexes, that have suffered death in England on Religious accounts from the year 1577 to 1684'. The memoirs, in two volumes, relate the details of the lives and deaths of  three hundred or so Catholic martyrs, based on reliable evidence from primary and other trustworthy sources, who display 'so much fortitude and courage, joined with so much meekness, modesty, and humility, ........ and who have died for no other crime but their conscience.' Humbling and powerful testimonies of Catholic men and women who made the supreme sacrifice for love of God and His Church.

Rules are as follows:-
Post rules on Blog.
Tag five bloggers,and tell them they have been tagged on their blog.
No Ref.books,or prayer books.
Link back to the person who tagged you.

I have actually only tagged two bloggers:-

'A Wandering Oblate'

'St Malachy'


St Malachy said...

Hello Brian

thanks for the comment on my blog. I'll get to the meme in the coming days. Unfortunately I don't know the person you're looking for - thanks for the tip off though.

I've added a link to your blog on mine.

God bless

umblepie said...

Thanks for your comment Chris, and thanks for the link.
Best wishes,