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Friday, 3 April 2015

Dear Prime Minister .........

Dear Prime Minister,

Whilst your public relations adviser has been doing a very efficient job, and I concede that you have a certain political charisma noticeably absent from other Party leaders, I regret that I will not be voting for your party in the forthcoming elections, for the following reasons:-

1. You introduced and supported the ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Bill, in spite of having no mandate for it, and in spite of massive opposition from ‘ground-root’ Party supporters and others of all parties and creeds, whose opinions were dismissed and even ridiculed. The political manoeuvrings included deliberately ignoring 600,000 on-line signatures objecting to this legislation, with your arrogant and high handed attitude more reminiscent of a dictator than an elected member of Parliament.

2. Your promise that the Bill would not close the door to freedom of expression, has already been shown to be at best dubious, and at worst worthless. The right of conscience, previously an integral part of English law, has been virtually abolished. Professionals and others working in the fields of education, law, medicine, social and public services, and indeed all walks of life, now find that their jobs are under threat should they dare to express views opposed to the new legislation.

3. Under your leadership we now have a government apparently intent on destroying our Faith schools. Your Education Minister, Nicky Morgan, appears clearly opposed to all faith schools, and is using the so-called ‘British values’ clause, introduced by you without proper debate and consideration, to ensure that ‘Ofsted’ crush the Faith schools.
The most recent example of this unjust and enforced bureaucracy, is the closure of Durham Free School.

4.Your support for three-parent IVF genetic engineering, shared by some scientists and commercial interests, but not sought by the general public, and in fact openly opposed by many professionals working in the field, is misguided, as this will certainly involve unproven scientific experimentation, with a high cost in embryonic human life.

 5. Your government’s support for inappropriate sex-education in schools starting with primary-age school children, based on written material provided by such organisations as Brook – one of the largest international suppliers of contraceptives and provider of abortion facilities, and the Higgins Trust – a powerful political arm of the homosexual lobby, both organisations with their own vested interests, neither of which has the mandate or moral authority to indoctrinate our children on these matters.

6. Your government gives hundreds of millions of pounds to so-called ‘overseas aid’, but what actually is that aid and to whom does it go? Of course we should help those in need, refugees from natural disasters and warfare, but your ‘overseas aid’ encompasses other highly questionable causes, such as the Planned Parenthood organisation, a huge worldwide commercial organisation dealing almost exclusively in the distribution of contraceptives and the provision of abortion facilities to third-world countries, many of whom do not want it. We are talking of more than £403 million to this organisation, over the past few years,  an organisation of which  Margaret Sanger – an influential eugenicist of the 1930’s and 40’s, was one of its founder members. Of this huge amount, the sum of £360 million was guaranteed by you personally at the G8 meeting in London in 2010. What right has the government to dispose of taxpayers money in this unacceptable and arbitary way? I object strongly to my money being given to this profit-making organisation who use it for purposes I abhor.You are always preaching ‘transparency’ in government, but where is it in relation to your ‘overseas aid’ programme?

7. I always remember a 'throw-away' remark,  made I think, by the Chancellor, George Osborne, a year or two ago, after agreeing some sort of large loan to a country in trouble, to the effect that we (the public) must not worry about the loan, as ultimately we would benefit from it.. I cannot remember the specifics of the case, but I was left with the immediate thought, rightly or wrongly, that what we were really only interested in is what we could get out of it. I suppose this can be said of politics generally, but for some reason it left a particularly nasty taste in my mouth at the time.

8.  I am becoming increasingly irritated by your  promises for the future, without any details to back up such promises. This started with your promise of a referendum to decide our future in or out of the European Common Market, but no specific details yet released. You have promised  more houses to be built, more money in our pockets, more commercial incentives, better and more efficient NHS, more controlled immigration, etc. etc. I know that promises are made by all politicians, but you are the Prime Minister and we need to trust you. Unfortunately after the 'Same-Sex Marriage' debacle, I find this difficult.

 9. On the positive side, I thank you for your personal opposition to ‘assisted suicide’ and ‘euthanasia’.

10. Also on the positive side, I think it fair to congratulate you and your government on the good things accomplished, with particular mention to your achievements and courage in tackling the controversial and difficult question of welfare benefits, with due credit  to your minister Mr Duncan Smith and his team. The economy and employment figures seem to have held up, for which your government must also be given credit, although how long this will last and how much this is due to world events outside your control, remains to be seen.

11. On a rather different note, but one which I consider an important government responsibility in today's violent and unpredictable world, your failure to maintain the strength and effectiveness of our Armed Forces and Police to acceptable standards. This has been a worsening problem for many years, and other governments must share the blame, but it seems that this situation has deteriorated during your premiership.

12. You probably won’t remember this, but in the weeks preceding the discussion of the ‘Same-sex Marriage’ Bill in Parliament, I wrote to you begging you not to support this Bill. In my letter I clearly stated that in the event of the Bill receiving your support, whilst you held any position of importance in the Party, I would never vote for the Conservatives again.  I informed you that my late father had been a Conservative supporter and local Councillor, serving as Mayor for two terms in his local Borough,  and that he would be ‘turning in his grave’ if he could see this ‘Same-sex Marriage’ legislation.

12. Regrettably but perhaps not surprisingly, you appeared to ignore my letter, as I received no reply or acknowledgement.

To conclude, I do not believe that the other major parties offer any real viable political alternatives, although certain fringe parties just might be worth considering. It is a great pity that you were the driving force behind  the ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ legislation, which factor is totally responsible for alienating me from your Party. My vote is but one vote, but I wonder how many others share my views. No doubt election-day will provide the answer.

Yours faithfully,
Brian Crowe.

 P.S.  I have inadvertently failed to mention the evil of legalised abortion, which your government has done nothing to combat over the past five years. The deliberate killing of the unborn child  is a grave offence against God and  mankind. Any political party or politician  who is prepared to fight for the repeal of this legislation, will have my vote.


Anonymous said...

An excellent letter if I may say so.

umblepie said...

Bertrand Fellow,
Thank you for your kind comment.
Brian Crowe, 'umblepie'.