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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Antonio Cardinal Bacci R.I.P

With reference to my previous post in which I recommend the Blogsite devoted to the Spiritual writings of Antonio Cardinal BACCI, I have just learnt that His Eminence Cardinal Bacci died in 1971 and that he wrote the 'Meditations for every day of the year' in 1959. Cardinal BACCI was the joint signatory with Cardinal OTTAVIANI, head of the Holy Office during the reign of Pius XIIth, of a letter to Pope Paul VIth in 1969, unequivocally condemning the 'Novus Ordo' Mass introduced as a result of Vatican 2, which was destined to replace the traditional Latin Mass promulgated by St Pius Vth in 1571 ( the 'Mass for all time'). An excellent source for details of the Ottaviani Intervention -as it was called, can be found on the website 'Internet Modern History Source Book' -strongly recommended!

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