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Friday, 8 February 2008

Our Hector - a very holy dog?

I would like to introduce you to Hector. We have had the pleasure of Hector's company since he was a few weeks old and he is now 6. He is a cross Old English Sheepdog/Collie, about 95%-5% in that order. He has his coat trimmed regularly, and his especial pride and joy has to be his magnificent bushy tail. Virtually everywhere my wife and I go, Hector goes too. We live near the sea and Hector enjoys a run on the clean, sandy beaches almost every day of the year, and in all weathers. He loves a ride in the car which to him is basically a second home, and our annual holiday is planned around Hector. We generally enjoy a weeks holiday touring the north of Scotland and staying in dog-friendly bed/breakfast accommodation. We have an undoubtedly prejudiced view that these establishments are often more 'people friendly' than the majority 'no-dogs allowed' places - re-inforcing my dear Mum's view that 'those who are kind to animals will be kind to people'. I'm sure that there are exceptions to this, but as a general rule- of- thumb I think it fairly accurate. Like his owners Hector is a 'traditional Catholic'!! He always comes with us to our Chapel of 'Our Lady of the Angels'- for Holy Mass every Sunday and Holiday of Obligation, also Benediction every Sunday afternoon and Rosary most evenings, and must surely be the most saintly dog for many a mile! Admittedly he doesn't actually come into Church with us but remains in the car quite contentedly, and if he were able to say his prayers I'm sure that he would do just that! As a puppy Hector suffered serious dietary problems, also he has a congenital condition known as 'essential hypothermia', which basically means that his cooling system does not work properly. His main diet is 'lamb and rice' and occasional fish treats. His visits to the beach enable him to enjoy a run followed by a quick dip in the sea - just what the doctor ordered! He is a great companion, loyal and faithful and a friend to everybody. If dogs could be canonised an halo would not look out of place, although just occasionally his halo does slip like the time he snaffled a cheese sandwich from a plate in the kitchen, but he paid the price and was rather sick shortly afterwards! Be sure your sins will find you out Hector, as they do for all of us. But we love you just as much Hector, and I'm sure that this is but a tiny, dim reflection of Our Blessed Lord's love for us at all times - particularly if we try to lead our life in accordance with His teachings. Hector does like a bit of fuss and attention -don't we all, and here are a few photographs for you to admire!!?? P.S. By the way, is there a St Hector?


SaintStephensTAC said...

Hello Brian,
I saw your comment to Father Clement, you wanted to know what a ninja was ? In the history of Japan, a ninja (忍者, ninja?) was someone specially trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war. The methods used by ninja included assassination, espionage, and a variety of martial arts.There is your answer.

Christian greetings from rural New Zealand

Rev'd Edward.G.Bakker, SSM,Deacon

Anonymous said...

Well done Hector! If only Papay and Captain had been as holy as you they would still be in the North. But alas!
Thank you Brian for this post. Now I'll read the others.